Gossip – managing friends’ different personalities

One thing that I try to manage on a daily basis is to try to figure out what is not to tell certain friend about other certain friend, what to say, and what to hide, what is just related to me, and what is pure personal stuff of a certain friend.

Sometimes it is easy when the person confide a secret in you that is really big where you realize that importance of such a secret and dont even bother to ask if it is a secret or not. Other times you can’t tell the value of what you have been told of even if your friend insisted that you can’t tell anyone. It annoyes me a lot when I have to shut my mouth of because of silly things that I dont understand why I have to do so.

I am the kind of person who likes to gossip. When you have a chat with a friend, he/she wouldnt just ask about your news, he/she would ask about your family, relatives and other mutual or even not mutual friends. Here where the delimma comes up. Do I tell him that XXX got engaged? She told me not to tell anyone! Why? I cant understand! Can engegement be secretive? Yes, apparantly to some people!

Unfortunatly, It isnt about engagement, sometimes it is job, sometimes pregnancy, winnin money, seperation, car accident, …etc. Many many incidents, and it depends on the person it concerns. Some people are more secretive than others. It stikes me how those more secretive people are the ones who are more manipulative who do much worse things than those who are more open about their life. I percieve secretive people as a less confident people with weaker personality than the open ones.

Sometimes I can’t be comfortable even sharing my own personal stuff because it is related to another person!! But in a lot of other times, I take the risk, open up my mouth and TALK! People might get angry! They might not like to share things with me again! But this is life! Get over it people, and be more open!!!

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