While I grew up to learn that racism exists in every nation and every race, it still amazes when I hear certain comments from different people. It usually hits me hard experiencing it among people close to me.

Sometimes it is laughable as of yesterday while me and my friend was talking to the Egyptian guardian at the company named ‘Ramadan’. We were talking about The world-cup. It was Italy’s match yesterday versus Ghana. Me and my friend likes the Italian team. Ramadan wanted us to cheer for Ghana because. We asked him why, he said first that because it is an African team, so we said “African? so what? what does that have to do with us?” I have never thought of supporting a team because it is Asian! or middle eastern! Maybe yes for an Arabic team, I still feel this Arabic identity. We told him to cheer for Ghana himself if her like. He stopped for a moment, then said, well at least Ghana has some muslims!! I have no idea whether Italy or Ghana has more muslims or not, and I have never thought of cheering for Italy because they are mostly Christians! I am not sure whether Ramadan is aware that I am Christian or not. His comment didnt bother me for being Christian as I am not that of a religious person but it draws a smile on my face knowing how some people think.

It reminds me of an incident a couple of years ago with a dear friend of mine. We were friends for years at that time and we still are even better friends now. That is why I have never expected to hear it from her. We were out as a group, her friend has bought a necklace I guess from a Jewelery shop in Amman that is known to be owened by a Christian owner. So when my friend knew about her friend’s purchase, she burst suddenly out of no where, forgetting that I am sitting right infront of her, and telling her friend “How dare you buy from a Christian?”!! I was shocked! She apologized that she didnt mean it to sound like that, but obviously it seems to be like a hidden agreement for them not to buy from Christians, they rationalized it that Christians do the same as well. I think they are right, some Christians do the same as well.

In the same line, I didnt expect the reaction of some people towards El Zawrqawi’s death. I am well aware of most people hatred of the USA and Israel, and do understand their reasons, but I can’t comprehend how people try to rationalize this terrorist massacres towards the Iraqi’s and Jordanian’s! They either dont believe that he is responsible, or accept some death casuality in what they believe of him as a warrior against the US for the sake of our nation and religion! The support of Saddam, El Zarqawi, and other bloody resistance in Iraq have many followers of Jordanian. A big part of it goes to their Sunni faith versus Sheia one of the majority of Iraqis. It is sad, but still there are many people who practice racism even among the same sector of religion.

It is not only Muslims vs Christians vs Jews, not only Sunni vs Shei, or Orthodox vs Latin, or Jordanian origin vs Palestinian origin, or white, black, colored, tall, fat, old, poor, rich, woman….etc

Why dont we have more compassion towards each other and respect each other differences??


  1. You are right with your comments, I believe people are racist in nature or I’d rather say Bias. I wa stelling my Janitor about El Zarqawi and how happy I am because he was killed, and his answer was “But he killed many Jews, who will kill them now” As far as I remember, all of Zarqawi’s victims were innocent Iraqis and Jordanians, I never heard of Jews getting killed in Iraq or elsewhere. Then why do we have to support people who kill Jews, accroding to the Quran, killing believers (Christian, Jews, and Muslims) is wrong and a sin.I think we need to start eductaing ordinary people around us who might end up one day as extremists!


  2. It is scary how people tend to forget certain forgiving aspect of their religion when they are blinded with racim. I quote Prophet Mohd saying “Ma katal Nafsan men ‘3ayre 7ak kaman katal el nas jamee3an” (killing an innocent soul is like killing all people).


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