‘Da Vinci Code’ doesnt contradict with Islam

A lot of people have been waiting to watch the “Da Vinci Code” film after they either read the novel or have heard about it, but got disappointed to know that it got banned in Jordan because some Churches considered it as an attack on Jesus Christ.

Having read the novel, I can say that Dan Brown have not attacked the character of Jesus at all, in fact he only attacked the Church doctorine by pointing to other sources about Jesus Christ life that tell something different than what the Christian bible says.

For Christians, I do understand their disappointmend and anger on the film, but what I can’t comprehend of how Church opinion can be imposed on the major population of Jordan? Why not leave the decision for individuals to watch it or not?

The film story doesnt contradict Islam teachings about the life of Jesus Christ. It claims that Jesus wasn’t divine as Christians believe. It doesnt deny or confirm that he was a Prophet either. It just points that he may have got married to Mary the Magdeline. There is nothing in Islam that tells whether Jesus got married or not. It is irrelevent. Marriage is not a sin. There is nothing wrong with a Prophet to get married. Those religious muslims who are happy for banning the film amaze me because I know the story of Jesus Christ in Islam. They dont shy to tell that he wasnt divine, and never been shy to say that the Christian religion have been altered before. It the same claim of Da Brown.

As of Christians, they can choose whether to watch the film or not, if they have a strong faith, it shouldnt affect them, but a small minority of religious fanatics shouldnt not affect the freedom of speech of the majority!


  1. I have to say that i do argree with you that the general public should be given the choice of watching the movie or not but i also got a bit confused when you said that the fanatic musliums banned the movie in jordan i thought it was the church in jordan as you wrote in the begining.


  2. I didnt say that fanatic muslims banned the movie. It was the churches complaints. I was just stating that even a lot of muslims are happy with this decision eventhought that the movie agrees with the Kuran ins some parts.


  3. I believe the movie shouldn’t be banned as the book and the DVD are already being sold in shops in Jordan. But I believe that the Muslims are supporting the Church actions as to show solideraty especialy that the Church did so when the Prophet Mohammad Cartoons issue was all over the news.


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