We are Destined and Immortal!

Life is too complex. Our conscious and awarnace of things going around us dont make it anyway easier. The cheer fact that time runs too fast and that with no time we will face death like any other human being sounds scary to many of us, even people who consider themselves to be religious.

Thinking of life and death lead me to the idea of us being destined and immortal regardless of the existing of a God or not. I am not giving any proof against God existance or not here, but what I am saying that we dont have to have one in order to be destined or immortal. How?

It is the simple Newton law. For each action there is a reaction. Calculating every single reaction in atomic level, someone can predict what would happen next. It is like a chain of reactions since the big bang. In atomic level it is all about reactions. Our emotions, feelings, choices, …etc. It is all chemical reactions that are triggered from previous ones based on certain conditions.

Being destined doesnt contradict with religion at all. We as Arabs believe in destiny more than any other races. We call it “Maktub”.

Now as for this, I dont mean being immortal as of staying in the same shape we are in forever. Everything in this world changes, and so we are. Our bodies are formed of atoms that are formed in a certain shape. Another scientific rule, I think by Eineshtine is that matter cant be created or vanished, but it can turn from one form to another. The matter has been the same since the dawn of time. What forms our bodies has been there since then, and will still be there forever after we die but in a different form. We are those atoms that have always existed and will be forever.


  1. Very nice logical analysis, but just one note, religion cant accept this analysis because they believe that thier state in Heaven will be forever and they will not be considered for any physical or chemical changes.I mean we born then die then some of us beleive they will live forever in heaven and stop at that state.I believe in one thing that there will be a day that someone will find the universal equation that tie everything with each other.Regarding Destiny, I think I dont agree with you when you said this is in Islam called “Maktoob”. for example if I have the power and have the decision to push 10,0000 to death then we said that this is Maktoob for them and If I feel sad before doing it and not pushing them and say again that this is thier Maktoob also:)


  2. Thanks for your comment Jazzer.I will start with the Maktoob thing and explain it more.I will take your example. The moment the person was about to push those people he had to make a decision. Now that decision is purely chemical in atomic level. You have 2 different choices, the chemical reaction that wins in your head would push such a decision. The decision that you would make would happen anyway.It is all “Maktoob” 🙂As for heaven this. Everyone is entitled to his own belief. If people believe in Soul, then they believe in a spiritual world that has nothing to do with our materialistic world. If Soul exists, then heaven might be. The Soul can go to heaven, but the body atoms will still be here forever.


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