A product of nature missing piece

The other day, while enjoying my body under the shower, my mind was admiring the work of nature through millions of years.

My body grew up to form a nice manly shape. With some workouts through the past couple of years the muscles of different body parts grew larger, the shape of the chest, biceps, shoulders and legs reflect a good shape of a grown up man.

It is amazing how nature developed this beauty. What I am looking on is a product that have been in development for millions of years to be in this state. The work of nature seems so sacred.

Looking at this product with a naturally developed ‘Camera’ adds to this miraculous experience. A camera that takes shots every single second, and is working for years now, it doesnt just take shots but also send them through naturally developed wires to be saved somewhere in my natural memory.

I found myself singing, what a beautiful musical instrument I have! (I know many wont agree with this :)), but I got to enjoy my throat working with those sounds that added to the nice feeling under the drops of water falling on my body.

I touched my chest, feeling my heart beating. I startled to the fact that it hasnt stopped working for years! Even when I take some rest at night to sleep, it keeps beating beating and beating!

The same goes for my lungs, it works 24 hours! It gives my blood the oxygen necessary to fuel the rest of my body parts. For a moment, I felt guilty for my stupid habit of smoking argileh! It made me realize what a selfish person I can be! Those lungs work for years, they are stuck with me till the end of my life, they have enough work to do, they could spare that smoke that I insist to inject into them every now and then!

Finally I looked down between my legs, the words of Dr. Nawal El Sadawi that I heard few days ago came to my mind. Circumcision is not necessary! They didnt need to circumcised me! I suddenly realized that the product of nature that I admire is missing a part! It isnt not complete! A part was cut from my flesh when I was a child without consulting me. No one asked me! They cut my flesh without asking me! I felt betrayed. I want my missing part back. I want my complete version of this product of nature.

Sometimes you came to realize facts in life that you have never thought of. I have always knew that I m circumsized, but I have never realized that it meant being with an altered natural body. It stroke me hard as of the time I realized that my nose has grew to be larger than other people noses.

My washing machine didnt abandone me then, and is working now to make me accept the fact that they cut my flesh when I was little child.

One Comment

  1. Well, Observer, it’s nice to admire God’s creation and owns body. But I honestly think that being circumicised is more healthy and proven to prevent many STD’s, so go thank your parents 😉


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