Mr. Nabil AL Momani: Would you clear this up?

وكان مساعد مدير دائرة المطبوعات والنشر نبيل المومني قال لـ”الغد” أن الدائرة بمتابعتها للمواقع الالكترونية لن تفرض رقابة مسبقة أو قيودا على حرية المواقع الالكترونية، ولكن صلاحياتها ستتمثل في متابعة ما تنشره واللجوء إلى القضاء حال تجاوزها على الأخلاق والدين والشأن العام
I hate when someone issues a vague rule that leaves us all floating in wonder!
So now there would be no cencorship but monitoring with the risk of going to court if we write something that crosses morals, religion and the majority concern??!
Can anyone please specify in details what those three entities consist of?
Which morals? The morals of Mr. Nabil Al Momani or anyone who replaces him in that department? Do we all have the same kind of morals in Jordan? Can’t they define what they consider a crossing of their moral standard so that we can abide with?
What religion? Islam? Christianity? Judism? Buddhism? Satanism? Atheism?
and if it is Islam as it most probably is, then what sect in Islam should we abide with? Sunna, Shi’a,.. ?
and what does it mean crossing religion? Critisizing it? Disaprove of a certain religious practice?
DEFINE please!
Majority Concern?
That is laughable! Can anything goes under this? I mean what does majority concern entails? Isn’t that contradicts with the basic definition of democracy?
So now minorities in Jordan cannot speak up their minds because it would cross over the majority concern?!
With those kind of people running this country, I wonder where would we reach!


  1. man, don’t be naive. Morals – are morals of the culture of jordan and I am pretty sure what morales I am talking about. the morales of your grandfather and those before himReligion – the dominant religion man. Sunni Islamic. Plus all the religions share similar themes and similar taboo topicsI am not saying I agree with Mr. Nabil. But I think he is assuming that the Jordanians are literate enough ( as you have said in an earlier post)to understand what he means.


  2. hamza, actually morals are in degrees even in the same culture of ours. For instance for a family it would be okay for a woman to go out and work, while for other it is out of the question. For a family it would be okay for a woman not to wear a veil, but another it wouldn’t. Having a boyfried is becoming more accepted by society while there are a lot of people who still don’t accept it. What are the set of Morals he is talking about? Let him define them in points so that we abide with them.As for religion, it is the same. There are different opinions regarding certain religious practice even in Sunno Islam. Everyday you get different fatwas with people agreeing/disagreeing with them. Let him set what we can’t cross in specified points. I think that Jordanians are literate enough to ask for specific laws 😉Hamede, Amen!


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