10 blurbs from distinguished figures for The Bride of Amman

The Bride of Amman is finally out in English and I am more than happy and thankful for the endorsement of the following wonderful people. I am honoured for their words.

1. Hanan Al Sheikh, author of Women of Sand and Myth, The Story of Zahra, and One Thousand and one Nights:


2. Shereen El Feki, author of Sex and the Citadel: Intimate Life in a Changing Arab World.


3. Matthew Weinart, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Political Science & International Relations Department, University of Delaware:


4. George Azzi, gender and sexual rights activist, co-founder of AFE and Helem:


5. Fadia Faqir, author of Willow Trees Don’t Weep:


6. Wafa AlKhadra, Professor at American University of Madaba, Jordan:


7. Nermeen Murad, Chief of Party of USAID Takamol Gender Program; writer, columnist, gender and human rights advocate:


8. Saba Mubarak, Jordanian Actress and Producer:


9. Madian Al Jazeera, owner of the books@cafe, Amman Jordan:


10. Sridhar Rangayan, film maker and activist, Mumbai, India


Zain, a new Jordanian Comedy that’s worth watching

مسلسل زين

مسلسل زين

I am enjoying watching Zain, Saba Mubarak new comedy show each night on Abu Dhabi TV.

I like it in particular because it feels progressive in presenting the female characters. I like that the main character is the bread winner for the family and I like the modern wardrobe of the cast in general, which is closer to what people in Amman dress than we ever have seen in a Jordanian drama.

I like the reflection on Amman’s society by incorporating Egyptian, Syrian and Philippians characters in a very respectful and decent way. The showing of these characters is done very smartly despite the comedy nature of the show. It doesn’t fall into the trap of exaggerating known stereotypes. In the contrary, it breaks those stereotypes in a subtle welcoming way.

The work of Mohammad Hushki, the director, is clear on the characters especially the main one played by Saba Mubarak. This may be a positive thing that distinguishes his work from others and gives it a certain feel.

Wish all the best for the cast. Hope it helps opening the door for the revival of Jordanian drama.

Well done Tima Shamli. Thank you for producing this.

The show plays on Abu Dhabi TV (Al Aula), Sunday to Thursday  (9:00pm, 2:00am, 8:00am, and 3:00pm). Reruns on Abu Dhabi  TV (Drama) on Friday for all weeks (episodes starting 2:00pm).
I hope to see it on Ro’ya TV or any other Jordanian TV channel soon.