What would you do if your lifespan get extended to 1000 years? #imagination

If I am to break the current level of human lifespan as we know it and live a much longer life, I would study a different discipline every decade and would work in a different field every couple of years. I would become a doctor at one point of my life, an engineer at another point, a scientist, an artist, a dancer and a singer, a taxi driver and a bar tender, ..etc. The options are endless and pretty exciting each at its merits. I would write uncountable novels and millions of blog posts!

I am trying to entertain the idea of living for a long long life in this blog post. It is something that is not totally a “science fiction” because science is pretty close to end aging, and it is something that I started addressing in my second novel “Janneh 3ala al ard (heaven on earth)”. It is a big issues and one that carries many possibilities and opens a wide door for imagination.

So going back to the same line of thought from the first paragraph and raising the questions people usually come up with when faced with such idea. Would I get bored from living too long?

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De-aging, my new obsession

Ending Aging

I have always took death for granted. Hated it, had a deep sadness for the fact that it is inevitable, and panicked over it for many many times. Not until last year, when I stumbled upon an article on GQ magazine where in a published interview with a scientist, Aubrey De Grey, he said that he believes that we are pretty close to defeat aging.

Hope filled my heart back then. For, defeating aging means a much longer life, one that won’t just end in a blink of an eye. It also means, and if arrived soon enough, to have the chance to see my parents young again and healthy for ever (fingers crossed).

It wasn’t just hope that filled my heart, but also many ideas occupied my head, for the impact of defeating again would turn the human societies upside down with lots of new beliefs, values and perception of life. It is a major change in the life we know and  a drastic shift in the core of  human societies we had for thousands of years. Those ideas turned into a new obsession, obsession to examine what life would be when death from aging becomes part of our history. How would people react initially? what would be its impact on our current belief systems and religions? and what is it like to live for 1000 year or even 10000?  Continue reading →