Licky Licious on JustJared,, HuffingtonPost and OK! Magazine

It has been amazing the publicity generated around Licky Licious after the unexpected visit of Brad Pitt and Angelina Julie last Friday. It was Ihab Fakhoury, one of the Fakhoury family members whom I sublet the shop to earlier this year – in June -, who seized the chance, took a photo of the famous couple – and their two little babies – and post it to his facebook account.

In a social media world, it didn’t take much time before someone from the major celebrity websites to pick the story up. In no time, Jared End from Just Jared – the famous celebrity American website – was able to contact Ihab, get some information about the visit, and post the story along with the photo taken by Ihab, and other photos taken from Licky Licious facebook group and in which some friends of mine appear in (and some ad designs work done by Moey :)). The story generated around 500 comment in less than 24 hour, and 723 so far.

Few hours after the story hit Just Jared, it got picked up by other major American websites/blog, including The Huffington Post,, and OK! Magazine, and at one point it was even on the home page of (see pic above).

I was contacted by Jared End from JustJared and Samantha Miller from on Facebook, and Maria DiGioia-Gumm from OK! Magazine on my yahoo email. I have forwarded them all to Ihab because he was the one presented during the visit and has the entire story.

A day later, Al Bawaba (an Arabic news website based in Jordan) picked up the story and published the first Arabic version of it. Ali Dahmash, a Jordanian blogger, has also covered it later on his Under My Olive Tree blog and added some new photos of the couple both in the shop and in Rainbow street (I wonder where did he get the extra photos from as were asking for them).
I am sure that sooner or later, the story will hit our local newspapers especially after the huge buzz it generated online. I would also expect a decent spike in Licky Licious sales post the visit. It has been really exciting sequence of events! Way to go Licky Licious 🙂

How did the Secret work for me this year?

Earlier, at the beginning of this year, I voiced out what I want in an attempt to play the secret game.

Now at the end of the year, let’s see how it worked:

1. Win 150000 JD. The biggest monthly prize of Al Eskan bank

I didn’t win the monthly prize of bank al eskan, and no I don’t have 150,000 jd now, but the secret did work. In a mysterious way I got a brilliant idea. One that I am working on, and hopefully will be making more than 150,000 in little effort and short time. (We will be talking about it by the end of 2009)

2. My grandma to be spared of her pain of struggling with cancer

My grandma didn’t heal, but she got spared of her pain. She passed away at the end of January. My grandfather didn’t last long after her. He followed her in August. May their souls rest in peace.

3. Licky Licious to be a big success

I should have defined big success! Actually summer was a good season for us but sales declined gradually with temperature! For a first year in business, I would say it has been a fair success. Hope next year we will do better.

4. Have time to write my first novel – a long Arabic version of Social Pressure.

I didn’t have time for the novel. I started 2 pages in Arabic then stopped. Other writing projects took my time. I wrote several short films. I am happy with what I have so far and hope for more work in this department next year.

5. Get a Nintendo Wii

The secret figured out Nintendo, but didn’t figure out the Wii! I got a Nintendo DS in a very spontaneous way. For the first time at work, they decided to give some gifts to some employees who worked hard on a successful project. I, myself, got a phone wireless kit that didn’t work for my car. I went back to Smart Buy and replaced it with a Nintendo DS.

I love my DS, but still looking forward for a Wii

Licky Licious and the idea book

Licky Licious sales have fallen dramatically in the past two months, first it was Ramadan, and then the continuous drop in temprature. My and my business partner have also been busy, watching the sales going down in a negative attitude, and wondering what does it mean with the approching of winter, and whether we are going to survive through it or not. We were thinking that maybe we can close it through the winter and open back in Spring. This is an option if it didn’t manage to carry up the running expenses.

For a first year in business of a new place, I think that Licky Licious would take a ‘C’ mark. We didn’t profit, but we managed to cover up the expenses and the rent of next year. We did a lot of mistakes, and learnt how to handle a lot of stuff. We managed to add some items to our menu that we didn’t think of when we opened last march. We are optimistic of next year and hoping for better performance.

The big question now is: How are we going to survive winter?

As I said above, the attitude we had was like we will see as it goes! and didn’t have any insight about it. But then, I was just reading the idea book which I brought back with me from Sweden. One of the tips is to write down your ideas so that not to lose them, another one is to try to come up with as many ideas as possible because eventhough not all ideas are good, if you come up with 10, it is more likely that one of them is good, no?

I wrote down few ones that I like to share with you:

1. To find more time to see my business partner. We both are busy and find it hard to sit down and talk about the shop. This should change.

2. Brain storm with friends. Friends can be a treasure of ideas. I love to hang out with friends, and asking for good ideas for LL would be an entertaining discussion. You guys as well can help me here. If you have any idea in your head, just pop it here. I would appreciate it so much. We need to survive the winter.

3. Tea: Adding tea to our menu sounds like a good idea. Hassan, our empolyee told me today that more than one person asked for it, and that people are asking Cafeteria Al Quds for some tea with their falafel instead of pepsi. What do you think?

4. Jumpo ice cream: hehehe, I haven’t tried it yet, but I was thinking of having several scoops in a large cup, the one we serve slush in it now, and add some smashed biscuits, bananas, and whip cream! Go for more ice cream this winter, no?

5. I was thinking of having this special offer in rainy days, like having two scoops for 1.2 jd instead of 1.6 jd now. I need to discuss all of this wih my business partner first, but it sounds like a good idea for me. When it rains, think of special offers at Licky Licious.

6. The idea board: We have a pin board in Licky Licious, we haven’t used it for anything useful lately. I am thinking of buying some sticky notes, and have pens for people to write down ideas to improve the place. That should be fun, and easy to implement.

7. This is a special offer I talked to my business partner with and we are ready to start, maybe starting from after tomorrow. It goes like “Buy two scoops and get a cookie for free”. Our cookies are so good. You have to try it.

Let me know what you think, and what ideas do you have.