BAJD – I love Jordan

It is the second year where the Jordanian blogshpere celebrate this beautiful country. It is like a national holiday where sentiments of nationality and patriotism are spread in the air, mostly with appreciation for the achievments and prospects Jordan has.

For me, and yes you all know that I am an optimistic person, I have never felt this good about Jordan, and never been as hopefull as I am today. I can point up success stories everywhere, I can smell creativity in the air, I can see young people with dreams and ambitions, I can feel real motivations for achieving and building for the bened of everyone.

In my humble opinion, there are 3 reasons behind this achievment spirit in the country:

1. The stability and safety Jordanians are benefit of since we signed our peace treaty with Israel. Now energy and money are invested in getting this country forward rather than enticing fear and waste it on military equipments.

2. The huge efforts King Abdulla II and Queen Rania are putting in managing the different sectors that build Jordanian economical and social structure. A lot of initiatives have been set in the past couple of years, and a lot of sectors have been supported and raised up to build industries that we didn’t have before – IT, tourism and film are at the top of my head.

3. The state of the world today, with the internet and communication evolution that made things easier for people to connect and work togather like never before. Today a Jordanian young man has the same chance to make it big the same way Mark Zuckerberg – the creator of the facebook – have done.

Creativity can do miracles in this world, and we certainly have built a frutile ground for it to grow.