How do you perceive the progress of the world over time?


This is a “Check in” post.

Sometimes we tend to assume that our views of the world is universal and that how we perceive things around us is a common sense that is shared by everybody else. That is far from real, and talking with other people would surprise you in many way, yet it usually fails to alter your own perception of reality or even pinch your own world bubble in your mind.

Having said that, and while I started by saying that this is a “check in” post where I would like to examine my own reflection of the state of world over time, I think that this is meant more as a re-affirmation of my believes rather than an attempt to shake them up and   address what may have been twisted by certain attributes of my characters or previous experience in life. Yet, what I love most about blogging is the ability to share ideas and reflect with other people in order to build my reservoir of ideas, information and reasoning!

The question is: How do you perceive the progress of the world over time?   

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