Group dynamics!

It is almost midnight here in Stockholm, I just got back to my room after having a good dinner at an Italian Restaurant (Michel Angelo) in the old time. I am very sleepy, but I have several assignments to take care of. First documenting today’s activities, then researching social media network solutions trends, and finally coming up with an idea for a new solution.

Today it has been tough at the beginning, we are still having a hard time trying to regulate the communication between us the Frozen 5. We are discussing every single irrelevant detail while letting the time to pass without any real work.

It is natural in a way, as we had a lecture today about group dynamics and the need of the group members to open up to each other and put some trust in each other. It was interesting the notion of opening up in a work environment, something that I have always believed in, and is in the contrary of the spread notion that in order to be professional at work, you have to keep your personal issues out of it. A lot have got it wrong, in order to achieve better, you ought to feel comfortable and relaxed with the group you work with.

We then had another a marketer and branding guy lecturing us about new marketing trends in relation to social median. It was a long interesting presentation. One of the issues that sticked ot my mine is his saying that the world has changed, and the classical marketing methods of a source of broadcasting of a single medium to an audiance has changed to a mutual interaction between entities because indiviuals themselves became broadcast sources. Marketers are trying to re-evaluate their ad campains and build on cultural and social causes to gain more value.

I am learning a lot! I wonder how much I would be able to carry with me.