The shoes should only humilate Bush!

When Saddam Hussen got executed, some people felt offended because they percieved the humilation of an Arab leader to be humilation for all Arabs! I couldn’t understand their reasoning. How in the hell people attach their dignity to a dictator? Saddam only represented himself, and his humilation should only reflected on him.

In the same line, I was surprised of the different Americans commenting on my yesterday’s blog post. Some of them did really felt offended for the shoes thrown on George Bush. That is a stupid line of thinking in my opinion. In Jordan, people link the honor of an individual to the honor of the entire family, and we think this is BAD! And then we see some American people linking the dignity of one man to the dignity of an entire nation!

George Bush doesn’t represent his nation as much as Saddam Hussen didn’t represent the Iraqi people.

People around the world restored their hope in the American people when Obama got elected. We believe in the American people and America as a nation. I will repeat Queen Rania’s words here: Our fight is not between East and West, Muslims and Christians, it is between extremists and moderates at both sides. George Bush have managed to help extremists gain ground all over the world. It is time to put the world back on track.

For those who enjoyed the video of the throwing shoes, now there is a flash game that allows you to do it yourself! People around the world are throwing showes on George Bush now, check it out here