The world is back on track

It has been long 8 years. 8 years in turmoil, going through a crisis after another, and disaster after another. George W Bush has managed to shake up not only the US, but also the entire globe.

It isn’t like we have been living in a peaceful world before that, but back then, the world was in a more peaceful state.

The extreme external affairs policies of the pervious US government have managed to help extremists gain ground eveywhere around the globe. Moderates found themselves in a difficult position trying to stand up for tolerance, peace and love. War against terror only managed to multiply it. The ethnic and religious devision grew larger than ever. New crusaders appear at the tongue of Bush himself!

The world has waited 8 long years. Some lost hope in the Americans, and some were crossing their fingers. Fortunatly, they proved that there is still hope in that country and there is still hope for the world.

There is some tough work the Obama has to take care of. I have a big faith in him, and a big faith in the world. We are going into a healing phase, and back on the right track.