The worst I read on Jordan’s blogsphere

A so called *macho* man describing how appalled he felt for seeing an effeminate young man ordering a cup of coffee in one of Amman’s calm cafes – as he put it- (I wonder if he is talking about starbucks here).

In a sarcastic tone, the smart ass writer, tries to explain how hard he had to hold himself from beating up the effeminate man, because – notice this – ‘it isn’t his right’! So he just stared at him! When the effeminate man didn’t reciprocate the stare, he felt his manhood at its peak!

The poor guy had his world crumbled. He didn’t believe that effeminate men exist in amman or even the whole world as he states! He, shamelessly, points to the effeminate man with the word ‘creature’ in a typical attempt of intolerant people to de-humanize those who are different from them. Why would he try to understand the existence of different human beings than they taught him at school? Why would he question the inherited backward rigid lines of sexual roles? Why would he let go of his inherited ‘truth’ and try to think about it in an objective matter? Isn’t it easier to just get angry? Shout out and attack the effeminate guy for there are a lot of people around who are ready to cheer and clap. Is tolerance a hard word to spell?

Read his full post here

Read it translate by google here (a bad translation but might give you an idea)