Donia Al Mahabba – Voices of the world

Spiritus Mandi is a cultural organization that aims to bridge the gab between cultures through music. The Swedish Institute planned a weekend for us – the YLVP participants – at Spiritus Mandi in Malmo where they lead us into creating our own song.
They divided us into groups and asked us to come up with some lyrics. They had some beautiful music and added it to our lyrics. We then went into their studios and recorded it. The result was this very beautiful song. Check it out here. (go to the bottom of the page and click on Voices of the world link).

“Togather we find a way, we are voices of the world, togather we find a way to make our voices heard”

I love how it sounds when different young people from different Arab countries work with Swedish people to come up with this. It is true that we – togather – will find a way to make our voices heard.
One of our groups came up with:
“Donia al mahabba t2ool, 7ob o salam 3ala tool…. 3adel o sa3adah o khair… lel 3alam…lel 3alam”
(The world of love says, love and peace for ever…. justive and happiness and goodness… for the world… for the world.)
I love this part the most. It may sound too cheesy for some, but I do enjoy singing it. It gives me a lift of positive energy where I feel that I really love this world.
Our group decided to a bit darker and came up with an arabic rap section:
Mamnoo3 mesh masmoo7
3eb… 7aram
la t2arrab… la tfakkar
2ossetna el 3arabeieh
3onf o 3onsoreyye
ma fe democrateyye
3aysheen dictatoreyye
bedna ensaneyye
o n3eesh fe 7oreyye 7oreyye 7oreeye
It means:
Forbidden… not allowed
don’t come close… don’t think
our arabic story
bruitality… discrimination
no democracy
living in dictatorship
we want humanity
and to live freely.. freely.. freely
Strong words, no? Guess where shameful and sinfule line came from? 😛
and then you have those powerful slang sentences in the backgroud like ‘ma tekhteshi ya bet’ (aren’t you ashamed of your self girl?) and ‘endabbi wen ray7a?’ (stay home girl, where are you going).
It is really a beautiful song. Miss you all YLVP participants. Hope we can work togather really to make our voices heard and help our societies live freely.