IDEA: Digital Donation Box

There are times where you got hit by an idea that comes out of no where. Usually when I go and I google it, I found others who have already implemented it or talked about it in a way or another. In other times, I find it nowhere. Such ideas usually get me excited, but knowing that I don’t have the energy or time to pursue it, I find this blog space a good to shoot it out, discuss it with others, and maybe find opportunities to make it real.

Today while reading an article on about huge digital marketing trends you don’t afford to ignore, especially the part where it talks about the new Near Field Communication (NFC) which is used for money transactions and expected to get a mainstram adoption soon. It got tied in a weird way with a conversation I had this morning in regard of online donations and I suddenly saw infront of me the traditional donation boxes we usually see around supermarket cash machines transformed into digital donation boxes. A more stylish digital boxes where instead of dropping coins, one can knock his phone to the edge of that box and makes a donation. The box can reply with a digital thank you that can be a written message, a voice, or even a tweet acknowledging the donator!

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