Seven Pounds: Sacrifice vs Guilt

** Don’t read this spoiler if you haven’t watched the film yet.

It left me numb and sad with mixed emotions about life and death, love and sacrifice, guilt and forgiveness. That is how I felt leaving the cinema after watching Will Smith’s latest movie – Seven Pounds.

Seven Pounds, turned out to be seven people this man decide to save before killing himself. People living with severe life threatening conditions, from his brother who needed a lung transplant, to a woman with kidney failure, another blind man, someone in need of a liver, a little kid needing a bone marrow transplant, a woman needing a home and shelter away of her violent boyfriend, and the one he fell in love with and needed a heart for herself.

What drives a man to commit suicide and to go to that extreme measures in order to save other people’s life? Is it extreme depression and pain for his loss of his loved life? or is it extreme guilt for causing a horrific accident that not only killed his wife but killed another six people as well because of a single text message he was sending from his mobile phone?

We tend to judge other people so harshly, and sometimes we tend to be really hard on ourselves. It is really horrible to cause such pain to many people at a time where you don’t expect such turning point of your life. A little mistake that most of us do in a daily basis and get away with. Holding your phone to your ears and talk or click on its keypad sending a text message while driving. A moment later, you end up killing someone! How fair that can be? Life is not fair I know, and I know as well that most of us don’t realize how risky such behavior can be. I know also that we just let go, maybe with a brush over the odds, or with a blind faith of a watchful father.

It is inevidable to hurt people around us in life, whether it is severe or not, and whether it is intentional, act of stupidity or a coincidental act of faith, it might be smart to try to let go, forgive and be supportive to each other, because life is harsh in its own self. It just becomes harder when we stand by watching with spears in our hands to hunt whoever fall, even if it is us who do!