What part of ‘Speed kills you’ you don’t understand?

What part of ‘Speed kills you’ that our youth don’t seem to understand? Really? With over 18 people dying in this Eid holiday in car accidents, isn’t it time for us to stop and question the causes of this phenomena?

This is not new news, every couple of months we hear about tragedies of young people dying on our streets. Road pumps, despite being everywhere, didn’t manage to stop it. Advertisment campaigns to increase awarnace of the risks of speed didn’t help either. Parents don’t seem to be able to have control over their teenage children of limiting the usage of cars for transportation (that is partially understandable due to the lack of proper public transportation in the country).

The bottom line is, there is a culture of high speed admiration that dominates the mind of our young men. I remember my late teenage and early twenties and how hard was it for me trying to manage my choices of getting into a car with some other friends driving. Most young men believe subconsciously that as a driver, they have to impress their friends with their driving abilities. The high speed driving is attached subconsciously with what our societies suffers from at large – worshipping masculinity. Smoking, fighting, and high speed are all forms of masculinity showing that is an essential requirement for a young man to achieve a high ranking in our lost youth communities.

With a lack on emphasis of the responsibility aspect of manhood in our schools. Lack of proper social programs that build on the energy and enthusiams of young people, and the lack of proper methods of expression. Our young men resort to high speed as their choice to inflate social pressure.

It is time to re-assess our education methods. The solution starts at our schools.