I am a blogger and will stay a blogger

I love blogging! I haven’t been doing that much in the past few years and I have always rationalized that it is due to the lack of time or ideas to talk about. But suddenly, this week, a fresh new energy popped up, and I found myself blogging, almost every day. And today is my second blog post too!

And I just realized that it is the act of blogging itself that I really enjoy. It is the act of talking to myself, and putting my thoughts into words. Yes, I can see now that contrary to what I partially used to think:

  1. I no longer blog to change the world. I have my novels for that.
  2. I don’t blog to get good traffic and exposure. I used to care about this 13 years back when I started blogging. Not anymore.
  3. I don’t blog to start heated discussions. I used to enjoy this a lot, but not sure I do anymore.
  4. I don’t want to be a fashionista or Instagram influencer. I am a blogger and will stay a blogger (slash novelist :P).

I blog because it feels good and I enjoy it. I blog because it is a learning tool, a creative act and a creation platform. It is like meditation to me. Listening to my internal voice, my honest self, brining it up and shaping it into written words.

I simply love it!

What would you do if your lifespan get extended to 1000 years? #imagination

If I am to break the current level of human lifespan as we know it and live a much longer life, I would study a different discipline every decade and would work in a different field every couple of years. I would become a doctor at one point of my life, an engineer at another point, a scientist, an artist, a dancer and a singer, a taxi driver and a bar tender, ..etc. The options are endless and pretty exciting each at its merits. I would write uncountable novels and millions of blog posts!

I am trying to entertain the idea of living for a long long life in this blog post. It is something that is not totally a “science fiction” because science is pretty close to end aging, and it is something that I started addressing in my second novel “Janneh 3ala al ard (heaven on earth)”. It is a big issues and one that carries many possibilities and opens a wide door for imagination.

So going back to the same line of thought from the first paragraph and raising the questions people usually come up with when faced with such idea. Would I get bored from living too long?

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