Where is the wisdom of abandoning Arab-48?


Sometimes I feel doubtful of the wisdom of Arabs in relation to the way we have been dealing the Arab-Israeli conflict. In one hand, we raise our voices everywhere demanding more rights and protection for the Palestinians while on the other hand we abandon, ignore and neglect what we call Arab 48.

Israeli-Palestinians, Arab-Israel, or Arab 48 form around 20% of the Israeli population (that is around 1.5 million). They are a large minority in a country that claims to be a heaven of democracy in the middle east. That is of-course a big fat lie, for anyone living in Israel, it is well known that some animals are more equal than others. That kind of discrimination, and while pretty severe in Israel, is not explicit for that country. For instance, Jordan has been accused for not being fair towards its citizens of Palestinians origins in regard of government and military representation, but that issue of discrimination is a whole other story that is not the reason of why I am writing this blog post.

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