The bright side of homosexuality in Jordan

The general stand on homosexuality and its moral aspects from a religious/belief point of view is onething, and trying to build on people’s moral emotions by a bad journalist and an out-dated homophobic doctor is a totally another thing.

Journalism and Medicine are two dangerous important fields that affect people’s lifes closely. When a daily newspaper as Al Ghad publishes an article that doesn’t differenciate between a homosexual, transexual and a prostitute, and generalize in a way that is far away from truth, one would really wonder about the professionalism of our media and the how much we can rely on such newspapers for a credible news?

Is it good that homosexuality helps us realize how professional are our journalists?

It is even more dangerous when you apply it to Medicine. People’s lives are in the line here. There should be no room for corruption in the medical field. People like the claimed Dr. Abed Al Hameed Al Qudah should be accountable for what they say.

For a guy who has a PH.D degree from the UK as he stated in his research, and one who is specialized in infectus diseases (I have no idea how that give him credibility to talk about homosexualiy) and is holding a position as the manager of the specialized labs in Irbid, the expectations of professionality and credibility should be high.

But then again, reading through comprehensive research one would immediatly realize that the guy is backing scientific methods in treating homosexuality that has been discredited in the scientific community more than 30 years ago!

What measures do we have in Jordan to ensure that doctors follow the latest medical findings? Is there something one can do when he goes to a doctor that applies a dangerous outdated treatement on him that causes him more harm than good? Is it the time where the government should be asked to come up with more regulations and survaillance over the medical field to ensure a higher level of professionalism? Isn’t that more important to us -the Jordanian citizens- than following effiminate men in the streets?!

Is it good that homosexuality helps us realize how professional are our doctors?

It is time to stand up for the truth and don’t let some unprofessional people build on our emotions to succeed in a louzy work. Be clear about your morals, but be clear as well about following your work ethical guidlines, for us the Jordanian citizens are not naive anymore, the internet is full of information.