Zain’s Social Work

Zain group, the largest telecommunication provider in Jordan, has issued a press release in their annual strategic business meeting that was held in Amman this year. We all know how good these telecommunication companies make, and thus this post is not meant to focus on the company’s achievements and its prospects and plans for the coming few years. This may also sound like a free advertisement for the company, but it is a thing that I believe such companies deserve for the fulfillment of its social duties. It is worth highlighting the appreciation of people of such work in order for other companies to follow up.

Let’s look at what they have been doing socially:

1. Zain has renewed its partnership with the Ministry of social development for the 4th consecutive year in order to be able to provide their social support and donation under one channel. Since 2005, they have been able to help 1120 families in Jordan.

2. They have a Knowledge Competition with a prize of 10,000 JD to the winner which was the Jordan University team this year.

3. Zain is a major partner of Queen’s Rania education initiative ‘Madrasati’ (My school). They are committed to provide around 500,000 JD to the program in 5 years. The program is meant to maintain public school and support educational programs along with providing essential tools for education.
In addition to that, Zain has provided 57 college scholarships last year.

4. 100, 000 JD is Zain’s donations for Gaza, along with opening their centers for accepting people’s donations and providing a channel of donating money through sms.

These are what most caught my attention of their social work. It might be the least one would expect from a company of the size of Zain, but it is also good to appreciate whatever is done in this area.

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