The women of Nai

Beauty, elegance, sophistication, and fun. High class women with full time respectful careers enjoy their time dancing and drinking in the most popular night club in town.

Coming with either their boyfriends, finaces, husbands, or even a group of friend, good looking women are highly welcomed to enter a club that has a very tight entrance close and almost private for a set of high class people.

For a big chunk of the Jordanian society, night life is still not accepted for women. Single women going to Nai maybe be seen in a bad light with a lot of people. Even a lot of women with no moral values against what goes on in Nai, find themselves rejecting a potentianl of a joyess night for the fear of some harm to their reputation that would mean a less chance of getting a husband, which is the ultimate goal of every young Jordanian girl.

On the other hand, some empowered strong women, with a less moral values against clubbing from their own small community find the Nai as a proper place for dating and introducing themselves to potential future husbands.

Amman is getting bigger and bigger, not just in terms of space, but also in terms of inner communities. The differences in the moral codes of people are becoming a long shades of spectrum with those with same interests find it easy to locate each other and enjoy their inner circles.

Women of the Nai are just out of the normal code for Jordanian women. A big peace of society is growing with a different values than what we used to have 10 years ago. Some women are just lucky with the more liberated smaller society they happen to come from, and are deaf of the majorities who are out of their circle.

What is beautiful about Jordan is that while people still do have this habit of interferring in each other’s lives, we do also have this modern country with laws and regulations that protects each individual and his right to live his life the way he sees fit.

And while a lot percieve the Women of the Nai to be spoiled, daddys girls, blondes, immoral women, the truth is that most of them are sophisticated, educated, beautiful business women who are worth to be admired and cherished.

New business and marriage congratulations!

Now that we are close to open Licky Licious, and with all the amount of work and money we had to invest in this shop, and all of the congratulations and luck wishes (Join the facebook group), I have been thinking of the need of family, relatives and friends in supporting a new business the same way they support new marriages.
When someone gets married in Jordan, every single member of his family, and every single friend of his/hers comes to the newly married couple’s house with a gift that can be either money (with no shame here) or even anything that can be bluntly requested as a need for the new house.

While new houses when they first gets opened do still need a lot of stuff to be completed, new businesses suffer from the same thing. My sister and her husband have triggered the whole idea in my head when she gave me a clock as a gift to hock on the wall of licky licious (thanks Qwaider for the URL gift). It was nice of them and made me happy. The support of family members and friends is nice at this point of time, and congratulations would have a stronger mean if they are accompanied with a needed gift that can help.

It is not about my new shop here, but the idea itself. I seriously believe that we need to have a slight shift of values in terms of supporting new businesses the way we are supporting new marriages. Young men do spend the first 10 years of their professional life saving money in order to plan for their wedding, and they end up the next 10 years trying to make up for the loans they have taken for their new house and furniture. That is a terrible model that is causing a lot of trouble in our society and a lot of young people who are left unmarried in a society where marriage is sacred.

Why don’t we shift our concentration on supporting new businesses first? Business should come before marriage. Young couples can invest in a new business for 2-3 years before planning for their wedding. If it did work, they can get married with a secured future, if not, they can postpone it till their financials get better.

Globalization and international companies have left little room for local small businesses. The support of local communities is essential at this point of time to not only save our local business heritage but also the economic of the country at large.

The 100th name of God

Have you ever asked yourself about the 100th name for God/Allah?

It has never occured to me
For I have always heard that in Islam God has 99 name
and while
I have never been interested enough to know the 99 names
which are mostly attributes of God
Like The Merciful, The King, The Creator, The light, …

I found the question about whether there is a 100th name or not

Amin Maalouf,
The famous Lebanese writer
Build a whole Novel about this issue
Balthasar’s Odyssey
I have no idea
Whether the novel is a pure work of fiction
or has any truth to it

The concept in itself is exciting enough for me,
Like when I discovered Lilith (The first woman of Adam) 😛

The main character of Amin’s Novel: Balthasar
Go in a journey from Jubail in lebanon to Istanbul in Turkey
looking after a book that is rumored to have in it the 100th name of God
and in which some claim
That Prophet Noah knew tha name
and that is how he was able to save himself and his family from the flood
just by saying the 100th miraculous name of God

Amin’s novel time set is in 17th century
Precisely in 1665
Where a lot of people believed that in 1666
The year of the monster (666 the number of Satan in the bible)
is the year of the end of the world
(for us it was 2000, remember?)
And thus
All were looking for the 100th name of God
To save themselves!

I heard once a christian claim that
in Islam God has 99 names, non of them is The Lover
For some christians, God is Love, according to the verse in the bible
and reading the novel
I had to wonder
If there is really a lost name of God
Which is Love?

Love can make miracles
don’t you think so?
I do
Is there a chance any of the above has some truth in it?

Moderates: Raise your voices for peace – Tag

King Abdullah have been warning the global community over and over again that letting peace slipping from us at this point of time would only help weakening the side of the moderates in the middle east.

I personally love what Queen Rania said when she appeared with Opera a year or so ago, and which is so true. She stated that the real fight is not between East and West, Muslims and Christians, or Arabs and Americans, it is between moderates and extremist at both sides. Moderates who want to live in peace and in tolerance for the others, and extremists who want to set their own rules and are raving havoc across the world to force others to comply.

Looking at the global picture, one would clearly figure out that moderates are finding it more and more difficult to reach their voices to the masses. Things are boiling in the middle east, and the western media along with the arabian one are not helping cooling things down. From the Prophet Mohammad offensive cartoons in Denmark, to the situation in Gaza, the fight over power in Lebanon, the Iranian problem and others, all are good materials for news channels. Al Jazeera has a brilliant formula for manipulating the arab citizens feelings, and hollywood is doing its own job of demonizing the Arabs.

Yesterday while watching the new American movie, The Vantage Point, which talks about a terror attack in Spain and kidnapping/Assassination of the American president, it occured to me that the situation is very critical, and moderates can not be lazy in raising their voices and counter back the effect of the extremists. In the movie, and in a critical point, the president’s assistants were so close to push him to launch a military attack on Morocco. He stood firm against it, saying ‘We can’t attack a friendly Arab Nation’. At that moment I realized how far George Bush is from the ideal president image in the movie.

Horror is at the door. If we don’t act immediatly and stand firm against the voices of hatred, we might end up in a situation were regret won’t help. Let us raise our voices in harmony and call for tolerance instead of letting rage blind us, and pride to drive us to hell.

I want to turn this to a tab so that you people would voice out your opinion and call for peace.

You have to write a piece for peace and tag another 3 people. If you can’t call for peace, just skip the tag.

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