Wish we can have 2 Ramadans/year

Ramadan is over. Eid is over. And now we are back to our normal life and daily long working hours.

I know that it wasn’t easy for people who had to fast in Ramadan, and that the shorter working hours is all about making it easy for them, but I have also witnessed the impact of the change or routine on the lives of people and how much it affected the social life at large.

For me, I loved it. Not just for the shorter working hours where I did have more time to relax, socialize and practice my hobbies, but also for the break off the routine that we follow along the other months of the year.

At times I wished that we have more than one Ramadan in the same year. Like one every 6 months. Don’t freak out guys, the second month I am wishing for would be without fasting. It would be just another month where people can break off their routine, have less work, and enjoy life.

I really wonder how much productivity would be decreased/increased with a 20-30% cut of working hours in another month like what we had in Ramadan if people are not fasting. I am sure that the impact on social life would be a significant one where it would add to people’s happiness and give them a push to be more effective in the other months of the year.

We can build on the proposed month of shorter working hours by making it more festive. Attracting more tourist and plan more celebrations. We can encourage the entertainment section to grow by having people with more time to themselves. The TV series would have another month to compete every 6 months rather than having to wait an entire year for that. We can encourage dieting and gym rather than fasting in this 2nd month. People can set goals and work on them with the extra hours they have on hand. People would find more time to communicate and socialize with each other just like in Ramadan.

I think that this idea is worth studying. Wish I am in a position where I can initiate such study and its affect on the economy and social life of this country. I am sure it does have more positivity than negativity.


  1. Saba7 el afkar el jameleh 🙂I was thinking on my way to work this morning. How great it was the break we had in Ramadan and as you said ,the changeOkay.. I will join you in this very nicely costumized wish 🙂Good day!


  2. i agree with what you’re saying…but have u realized how COMMERCIAL ramadan has become? Pretty much like Christmas abroad, it’s become all about buying things and spending a lot of money.< HREF="http://www.apigeoncalledfrank.com" REL="nofollow">In case you were wondering…<>


  3. life, Saba7 el ward o el hayat 🙂Hope our wish comes true 😛Jad, what does that mean?A Pigeon Called Frank, Yeah I realized that but I don’t think it is a bad thing. The economy benefits from that.Hamza, wish it does! Maybe if you are on vacation.Sharm, happy Eid to you as well


  4. UMMMMM!! makes you think. I do miss Ramadan, Honestly its grown on me and next year if i am still here in Doha I wil definately learn more about the holiday and maybe fast also.Great postMarie


  5. Tala, yeah! Unfortunatly 😛Marie, thanks :). It would be nice to try fasting a day or two. I once did it long time ago (just for the sake of testing my ability to hold my urges for food).


  6. KJ, you and Hamza work in Saudi Arabia and benefit of 1 month paid leave per year, right? We don’t have such benefits here. My yearly paid vacation is 15 days only :(. And you have to plan with your friends for their vacations to enjoy your time.


  7. Actually Fadi I work in Dubai and I have no paid holidays or sick leaves… every day I don’t come to work, – from my salary 😉So don’t complain 😛


  8. If you are thinking of becoming a politician one of these days, include this in your propaganda manifesto – and people will vote for you! Or, maybe that’s just me.


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